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Worksite Posters

Head on over to RCE-Chill to see our latest worksite posters.

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Authorized Personnel Only

Found a funny sign on the internet and someone wanted it for their very own. Here’s my version of the traditional Machinery Room Door Sign: Update: At the request of a friend, here’s another:    

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Militarized Incompetence or Unintentional Sabotage

  In 1944, near the end of WW2, the Office of Strategic Services (the forerunner to the CIA) released a field guide called the “Simple Sabotage Field Manual.” The purpose of the suggestions in the manual was “to present suggestions … Continue reading

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Paying for PSM, California Style

The state of California is having some trouble funding their oversight of their state PSM rule: CalARP. Don’t worry though, they have a solution… The Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) is proposing to adopt emergency … Continue reading

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FUD in the news!

PSM people love their acronyms and we all have our favorites. One of mine is “FUD” or Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. I generally use this acronym when discussing how the media reports stories about topics I am familiar with. It … Continue reading

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Unclear on the concept…

This one starts simply enough: 1910.119(d)(3)(ii) The employer did not document that the equipment in the process complied with recognized and generally accepted good engineering practices. In this case the citation is in regards to an MSA gas monitor that wasn’t … Continue reading

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Torque Wrenches for Ammonia refrigeration valves

Yes, it really has come to this. Let’s start with a single citation… What equipment could this citation be concerning? Take a look at the compliance officer’s narrative: The officer went on to say in the OSHA 1-B Inspection worksheet: … Continue reading

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Trevor Kletz on “macho culture” in the PSM regulated world

If you are unfamiliar with Trevor Kletz, to the PSM world he’s the equivalent of what Elvis was to Rock ‘n’ Roll… “Many workers don’t see the need to follow all the rules or the permit-to-work procedures… Our job, they … Continue reading

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The Five Stages of PSM Grief

How many times have you as a PSM manager had to present to operators or management some new understanding of the requirements of PSM only to face gnashing of teeth and rending of garments? Individuals don’t like to change. Organizations … Continue reading

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Ice Buildup: The worst case scenario

Got some ice buildup on piping, air units or the structure itself? OSHA has been cracking down on this lately. This news story from Australia is a good illustration as to why… A 30-year-old Taiwanese national died when part of … Continue reading

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