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What should you do if you get a notice of an EPA Risk Management Program inspection?

Depending on your area you may get anywhere from five days up to six weeks notice for a scheduled  inspection from the EPA. You aren’t going to create a compliant, living PSM/RMP program in that time frame but there are … Continue reading

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Does your Emergency Action Plan provide for your employees in the event of a plant evacuation?

A northern Kentucky food processing plant experienced an ammonia leak that forced the evacuation of about 160 workers. The employees sat in groups on the lawn outside the building waiting to get belongings like car keys for nearly 11 hours. … Continue reading

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First, Do no Harm!

The OSHA Law Blog has a nice post up called “Best Practices? Or Safety Run Amuck” about the unintended consequences that can occur when people rationalize their opinions as “Best Practice” without bothering to consult with the workers who are expected to … Continue reading

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PSM Citations – A year broken down by Industrial Classification

OSHA has posted a breakdown of PSM citations so you can compare industry groups that have been cited by Federal OSHA during the period October 2010 through September 2011. I plugged this data into Excel and ran some numbers between … Continue reading

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