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How do I deal with recommendations to my program?

You should frequently get recommendations for improving your PSM program through the PSM elements of Employee Participation, Process Hazard Analysis, Incident Investigations, Mechanical Integrity audits, Compliance Audits. Often, these recommendations are worthwhile improvements to your system that are worthy of … Continue reading

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Do your Emergency Shut-down and Ventilation switches comply with IIAR2-2008b/IIAR5-2013, Appendix B?

IIAR5 was released just recently and a surprising number of people think that it introduces new requirements for emergency switches. The requirements themselves don’t differ from IIAR2-2008b – they are just laid out a little clearer in IIAR5, Appendix B: … Continue reading

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FUD in the news!

PSM people love their acronyms and we all have our favorites. One of mine is “FUD” or Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. I generally use this acronym when discussing how the media reports stories about topics I am familiar with. It … Continue reading

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OSHA is going to have a field day in 2016

The IIAR released two new standards today which you can download (if you are a member) or purchase from their website: IIAR5 – Start-up and Commissioning of Closed Circuit Ammonia Refrigeration Systems IIAR7 – Developing Operating Procedures for Closed-Circuit Ammonia Mechanical Refrigerating … Continue reading

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