Update your RMP at least Every 5 Years

EPA requires you to update your RMP at least every five years. It doesn’t take long to do at all if you haven’t changed much in the last five years. You’ll almost always find a little thing to change, even if it’s just a better contact phone number.

Honestly, it takes less than an hour if nothing much has changed – it’s all done online and is fairly hassle-free. Don’t skip this easy step and end up like these fertilizer distributors did:

Two ammonia fertilizer distributors have agreed to pay over $33,000 for failing to update their plans for preventing chemical releases at eight facilities throughout Washington. One distributor will pay $13,521 and the other will pay $19,986 to settle alleged violations of the Risk Management provisions of section 112(r) of the federal Clean Air Act

Go to the EPA Website for more RMP information.

Update: Please see the comments for an excellent reminder by Peter Thomas.

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