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Dairy SPCC exemption, Under-Ride Hazards

These two items are not PSM related but they are of interest to those of us who work in Dairies and Cold Storage distribution warehouses and they are important enough that they merit wider discussion. EPA Exempts Milk From Spill … Continue reading

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The Failure of Lean/Six Sigma

I’ve been asked in a few emails to comment on how to apply Lean/Six Sigma to ammonia refrigeration and PSM programs. Short answer: Don’t. The long answer follows but feel free to skip this once your eyes glaze over! I … Continue reading

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Garden City Ammonia Program PodCast

I recently had a long conversation with Craig Ward of Garden City Ammonia Program. He turned it into an episode for their GCAP Cool Cast. You can listen to the entire conversation here. As always – feedback is welcome.

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Updated Links

I’ve added a bunch of links concerning ammonia refrigeration and process safety management to the right hand side of the page. A few  contractors, a lot of manufacturers and vendors as well as some other useful sites. If you know … Continue reading

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Three kinds of Ammonia Operator

Over the past few years I have had the opportunity to work with quite a few Ammonia Operators. Recently I chose to oversee the training of a new operator who had no previous refrigeration experience. In preperation I talked with … Continue reading

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Planning for Future Expansions

It’s always a good idea to plan for additions to your refrigeration system when you install it or improve it. Loads always seem to increase as new production capacity or storage areas are brought on line. Here’s an example of … Continue reading

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Benefits of a Trained Professional Ammonia Operator

“Without Standardization, there can be no improvement” That’s one of my favorite phrases from Lean/Six Sigma. Is the person who is in charge of your ammonia system someone who genuinely cares about how your system is running? Are they the … Continue reading

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If you are covered under OSHA’s PSM regulation you know that you are covered under the EPA’s RMP regulation as well. I understand why most people focus on the PSM regulations – they are used to dealing with OSHA regulations … Continue reading

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