A gem from the National Transportation Safety Board

I read accident reports from all sorts of sources. A few years ago I read through the entire NTSB online library for fun and I still keep up with the new ones. There were many good insights in the reports and I took quite a few notes. This is one of my favorites:

The report also cited industry data showing that pilots who intentionally deviated from standard operating procedures were three times more likely to commit other types of errors, mismanage errors, and find themselves in undesired situations compared with pilots who did not intentionally deviate from procedures.

This quote about pilots applies to any skilled trade, including ammonia refrigeration operators.

Source: National Transportation Safety Board, Attempted Takeoff From Wrong Runway, Comair Flight 5191, Bombardier CL-600-2B19, N431CA, Lexington, Kentucky, August 27, 2006, Aircraft Accident Report NTSB/AAR-07/05 (Washington, DC: NTSB, 2007).

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