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$400 is a small price to pay

How do you know what the ammonia level is when you are wearing an APR? You don’t really, but for about $400 you can equip your technician with a little piece of mind. These incredibly handy clip-on NH3 meters from … Continue reading

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Compromised Insulation

How serious is compromised insulation? One way of answering that is with an infrared camera. Take a look at the picture below: The saturated temperature on that LTRL line is about 0F and the LTRS line is about -40F. Obviously … Continue reading

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The Shrinking Dollar

I know it can feel like the value of our currency is constantly being reduced, but the picture above shows it ACTUALLY being reduced. This is what happens when you submerge a dollar bill in liquid ammonia for 30 seconds, … Continue reading

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Planning for Future Expansions

It’s always a good idea to plan for additions to your refrigeration system when you install it or improve it. Loads always seem to increase as new production capacity or storage areas are brought on line. Here’s an example of … Continue reading

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