Learning Industrial Ammonia Refrigeration

Lets say that you are new to industrial refrigeration, or refrigeration in general. What is the easiest way to get up to speed on this rather counter-intuitive topic?

Well, I read quite a few books on the subject but honestly nothing really clicked for me until I read the RETA 1 & RETA 2 books.

I pick up information fairly quickly and within 30 days of study and application of these texts I was able to troubleshoot about 95% of the industrial refrigeration problems I came across. It turns out that many people who work in industrial refrigeration simply do not understand the theory behind refrigeration.

I’ve even had long-time operators explain to me that “Theory is fine, but it just doesn’t work in the real world.” This kind of operator has usually been left to their own devices to limp along a system that just barely works. Worse yet, since they are constantly having to adjust and “fix” the system they are viewed as heroes by many in the organization.

Well, here is the truth: If your experience is that the theory isn’t applicable, then you do not understand the theory well enough.

Buy yourself a copy of the RETA 1&2 books. For a real treat, see which (if any) of your operators can pass the tests that come with the books.

When you feel you’ve got a good grasp on the information in them then you should consider attending a hands-on school like those offered by WMI or GCAP.

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