Nikkiso Pumps at NEPA RETA

Tonight’s NEPA RETA meeting was graced with a pump teardown demonstration by John Lumpkin of Nikkiso Pumps.

They look impressive and got some good feedback from the members who had them running in their facilities. We did a complete teardown in about 15 minutes which was pretty amazing. They also offer some drop in replacements if you are still running Cornell pumps.

The feature that impressed me the most was the E Monitor – an electronic bearing condition monitor which checks pump rotation direction and for both radial and axial wear. Nikkiso offers a nice brochure which explains the feature.

It was a great demonstration but a bittersweet meeting for me… I resigned as chapter secretary due to my upcoming move out of the area. It was nice to see my friend take over the reins and I certainly wish the NEPA RETA chapter all possible success in the future. They are a great group of technicians who is always willing to lend a helping hand.

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