Unclear on the concept…

This one starts simply enough:

1910.119(d)(3)(ii) The employer did not document that the equipment in the process complied with recognized and generally accepted good engineering practices.

In this case the citation is in regards to an MSA gas monitor that wasn’t installed per the manufacturer’s recommendations. What did they do wrong? The CSHO added some details in the 1B:

The gas monitor in the storage room was wired directly to a light switch; this light switch can be easily turned off by someone walking by carrying materials or wearing heavy clothing; I contacted the manufacturer of the MSA gas monitor and the technical support representative stated it was unacceptable for the gas monitor to have a disconnect such as a light switch; he stated the light switch needs to have a cover that can be locked to protect the gas monitor from being turned off by accident; the water treatment plant wrote on the light switch cover “CL2 Leave On” ; the operating manual for the MSA gas monitor states use a circuit breaker or external switch for disconnecting purposes, after talking to the MSA technical personnel they did not mean a light switch.

I think we’ve all seen far worse. All kidding aside, it’s important that we read an understand the recommendations from manufacturer’s considering their equipment installation, maintenance and operation.

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