How should I FIX a PSM program?

This might be one of the most common questions we’re asked: How do I resurrect a PSM program that has been neglected?

Our answer is that you should deal with these broken programs no differently than if you are starting a completely new program. Before you can do that though, you should understand how PSM programs for Ammonia Refrigeration are created and implemented. We should strive to explain things as simply as possible so we’ve created some diagrams to help. First up, let’s make sure we understand how the elements work together, because although they are all intertwined, some rely on others being accurate:

Starting at the bottom and working your way up, this chart should give you an idea what elements need to be in place before you can work on the more advanced ones. If you focus on the second tier before the first tier is complete you’ll be re-writing all those guidelines and procedures for certain.

How do we create a working system? The following chart might help give you an idea because PSM implementation is not an EVENT, it is a PROCESS.

Essentially this chart boils down to this:

  1. Design your management system – who is responsible?
  2. Design your guidelines – how will you do this?
  3. Design you support material – what will they need to implement the guideline?
  4. Live the plan – how does this work in the real world?
  5. Fix the plan – Where you find that parts of the plan don’t work, fix them and return to step 4.

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